About Us

AP Media is a digital marketing agency of strategists, designers, developers, and computer nerds. Our team of intelligent talent combined with a passion for quality customer satisfaction has allowed us to develop into a digital marketing agency centered around client goals and holistic marketing.

The ever-changing nature of online marketing has been the drive behind AP Media’s culture of innovation and creative thinking. Constant learning is our goal, bettering ourselves and our company to properly deliver excellence to our clients. As Alvin Toffler said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

Interested in learning more about what we do? Take a deeper dive into our three umbrella services:

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Meet Our Team

Bill Valway

Chief Executive Officer

Bill started Absolute Perfection, Inc. in 2001 as a young entrepreneur, using his drive for greatness to motivate and excel. He prides himself on making sure AP stays ahead of the curve by constantly evolving the company in its entirety.

Lee Emmons

Chief Marketing Officer

As the first addition to AP Media, Lee developed the company culture and initial marketing strategies. Lee wears many hats including the Senior Video Producer and Video Advertising Strategist, striving for excellence and measurable results.

Mikala Kennell

Digital Marketing Strategist

Being the youngest on the team, Mikala offers a fresh perspective to our marketing efforts. Creativity and a marketing mindset back her ideas. Ambition and a strong work ethic aid her in implementing new and exciting things for AP Media.

Austin Burns

Assistant Video Editor

Austin has a natural talent and eye for videography. You can see the passion in his work. Whether he’s filming a corporate overview video for AP or competing in a film competition for fun, you can tell how much Austin loves what he does.