The Great Train Wreck: Using Video Action to Promote Boring Services

Video marketing captures attention and influences emotions better than other types of promotion, creating lasting impressions and moving people to take action. Videos entertain and tell stories, but statistics, numbers, and data make poor source material for action and adventure. You cannot capture viral excitement about insurance actuarial tables. Frankly, insurance could protect your family or keep you living in style for the rest of your life. Insurance offers many great benefits—it just does not make good video. At first glance, many services such as personal finance, business, and politics offer little excitement for video marketers.

Action and Creativity Make Boring Topics Fun

The solution to this dilemma becomes simple. Borrow from the masters of emotional manipulation—advertising professionals.

  • Create a green, animated lizard to sell insurance.
  • If you go queasy thinking about reptiles, choose a warm and fluffy duck to make the sales pitch.
  • When in doubt, throw in a few mindless explosions, fireworks, hot-air balloons, or anything noisy.
  • Action and movement sell everything from jeans to cars.
  • Big landscapes and spectacular scenery inspire reverential awe, so send your customer service representatives to the top of Mount Everest.
  • Really small things also capture attention and excite the imagination. Show how tiny germs invade the body or create animated diseases that overbearingly move into long-term residence in the lungs.
  • Rehabilitate a popular 90-year-old performer’s career by having 300-pound football players tackle her on the field.

The list of successful advertising campaigns include many unlikely scenarios that you accept because of the emotional and visual appeal. Small businesses can use the same production techniques to bond with viewers and sell stocks, loans, or insurance services.

Storyline and Production Technology

Successful videos tell humans stories even if they use animals and cartoons to do it. People talking about gas prices and the effects of turbocharging on fuel economy by showing racing capabilities in action sequences, but few drivers ever get the chance to race in modern traffic. Energy-saving devices create emotion by showing a grandmother puttering around the kitchen while worrying about heating her home for the winter.

Videos rely more on visual cues to tell their stories than words. Good video should convey the message without sound, but too many directors rely on dialogue, voice-overs, and interviews, trying to give too much information. These videos begin to sound like those drug commercials that explain all the possible side effects in agonizing detail.

Video Action on a Budget

Action cams help videographers capture some extraordinary footage, and inexpensive editing software adds remarkable special effects.

  • Capture sights and sounds with bike cams mounted securely above the handlebars by using a bike tripod mount to attach any digital or video camera.
  • Windshield mounts offer similar benefits when driving, so you can film stunning mountain scenery or catch road-rage incidents.
  • Headrest camera mounts serve the same functions, but you do not need to attach anything to your windshield.
  • Other mounting options include tree cams, helmet cams, or bow cams that capture the flight of arrows during archery contests or when shooting at talking green lizards that invade your backyard.
  • You can buy cameras that float for filming all types of action water sports.
  • You can save money by shooting interesting footage in-house, and 90 percent of productions use single cameras. You do want to make sure that your audio sounds clear, so invest in good microphones.

Simple motion effects could add tremendous energy to your videos. Special video filters create complex effects such as roll, spin, shake, and motion blur, which allow you to simulate earthquakes, rolling waves or bursts of energy. Ripple filters imitate the effects of trekking through the desert just to get your hands on some softer toilet paper. Camera effects add dimension and color to videos, and packages include as many as a hundred effects for less than $200.

Insurance companies and financial services can reach emotions by filming quirky accidents that start a chain reaction of disasters. The greatest disaster in video production results from filming boring videos that try to give viewers too much information. Keep the story simple and compelling, add lots of action, and enhance the film with special effects. You can always add options for viewers to get more information on your video player.

Guest post by Paul Tibayan. He works for as an inbound marketer. He is a marketing afficionado that has helped business owners in different industries.

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