What was the last Facebook post you ‘Liked’ from a brand or business Page? Did you like it because of the content or because you adore that brand? Was it a mixture of both? Brands or Pages that consistently post relevant, interesting content are bound to catch your attention and gain your trust.

It seems like most businesses are either killing it on Facebook or failing. Bad. With Facebook’s algorithm and Facebookers’ general disregard for overly promotional posts, it’s a mad, mad world out there for businesses and brands alike that want to find Facebook success.

Brands often have to adapt their Facebook strategies to the changing of social times. Well, by avoiding these five Facebook mistakes you’ll be able to strengthen your Facebook strategy and reach the audience you want!

Overly Promotional Posts

Facebook conducted a study in which Facebook users (unsurprisingly) revealed how little they care for promotional posts from business Pages. As a result, Facebook rolled out its January update to Facebook News Feed, which ensures users will see more of what they want from business Pages, and less of what they don’t want. Promotional posts didn’t make the cut.

Imagine a Facebook News Feed as a party in which every attendee is sharing stories and experiences with each other, laughing, enjoying. And then that one guy shows up. You know, the guy that is constantly trying to sell, sell, sell you on his next big venture. Don’t be that guy—it’s not that type of party!

Solution: Don’t Be Salesy

Facebook penalizes overly promotional behavior for the sake of the party, so join the crowd and share your stories! Save promotions for paid Facebook ads, and place the focus of your organic posts on exciting content that people will engage with and share.

Tell followers about company accomplishments, awesome projects, and cool stories relevant to your industry. I guarantee your posts will begin reaching 2x the amount of followers you’ve been reaching in the past.

Sharing a Story - Facebook Business Page

AP Vehicle Wrapping tells stories about its various wraps on Facebook. They highlighted this story with numerous photos since it is particularly inspiring.

Lacking Personality

Let’s keep the party metaphor going. If you’ve forgotten to bring your personality to this “News Feed” party, people are far less likely to listen to what you have to say—I’m sure we’ve all experienced this on an off night. You can’t quite hit your social stride, people are noticing, and you find yourself engaging with less and less people as the party goes on.

Well, same goes for Facebook. Facebook is a place where companies can show off their personality. It’s just a matter of finding and maintaining a tone of voice that is appropriate for your business. On social media, a lack of personality results in your brand sounding like a robot. This is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Solution: Know Your Audience, Find Your Voice

Your brand will benefit from having a distinguishable personality or voice. In fact, a brand voice should be identified in your overall social media strategy; it’s a vital factor for ensuring a consistent tone among all social media managers, and aids in positive brand awareness and solid return.

In order to determine your brand voice and personality you have to understand your audience. A great way to do so is by diving into Facebook Insights and Google Analytics. These platforms will show you demographic and behavioral data that’ll help you understand who your audience is, how they find you, what their interests are, and what they engage with most on your Page.

Use that data to find your voice, and don’t be afraid to put some pep in your posts!

Personality in Posting - Facebook Business Page

AP Tinting uses humor and candid photos to show the fun its team has at work, and how exciting the overall company culture is.

Using Boring Pictures (or None at All)

All right, the party’s over; plain and simple, we’ve seen too many Pages that use a ton of stock photos or no photos at all. Don’t get us wrong, stock images can be incredibly useful, but they are often too cheesy and generic to get the job done on Facebook. They’re typically unbelievable and misrepresent your company by portraying it as generic and boring.

Your audience wants to see real pictures attached to real stories and events. If your brand image appears to be fake or fabricated, you’ve set yourself up for failure.

Solution: Dedicate Time to Photos & Graphic Content

It’s crucial to take advantage of photos on Facebook because they generate solid engagement, especially compared to link or text posts. After all, photos allow you to get personal and let followers see the inner workings of your company. Don’t forget to include your team members, company events, and company culture in pictures.

Your business will benefit from consistently taking photos and creating graphic content (infographics, banner ads, etc.) that visually tell the stories of your business. Use photos to let people in and show how awesome your company is!

Dedicate Time to Photos - Facebook Business Page

Treasured Motorcars dedicates time to take photos and publish them on Facebook, which is an effective strategy for businesses with visually appealing or intriguing services and products.

Posts Are Longer Than ‘War and Peace’

Take a look at the length of your posts. How long do they tend to be? Are you writing posts longer than War and Peace just to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day? Please don’t do that. Everyone is begging you.

Considering posts with 40 characters receive 86% more engagement, it’s far better to keep your posts short and sweet. Whether it’s a photo, link, or video post, bogging it down with a ton of text will reduce your reach and engagement.

Solution: Publish & Direct Traffic to Content on Your Website

You know where a great place to write your novel is, Tolstoy? Your website!

Publish your long- or long(ish)-form content to your website, and then use link posts on Facebook to drive followers to that content. Not only will this improve engagement on the post itself, but it also generates website traffic and aids in the search engine optimization of your site!

AP Vehicle Wrapping Link to Website - Facebook Business Page

A prime example from AP Vehicle Wrapping of a link that drives Facebook followers to a company website in order to hear the full story.

Never Responding to Comments

What’s the point in saying something in a social forum if you’re going to bail on everyone that has something to add?

Social listening and monitoring are too often forgotten. Each time someone comments on your Page and you fail to reply, you miss a huge opportunity. Replying allows you to build or maintain a relationship, garner more engagement, or show off your expertise on the topic of discussion. In the case of negative comments, responding allows you to help out someone that has the wrong impression of your business.

Also, don’t give in to trolls. “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” is 100% the wrong way to respond to trolls (or any negative comments). You’re adding fuel to the fire by trying to shut negative comments down with an equally as negative response.

Solution: Don’t Bail on ‘Em

Remember: social media is a customer service tool. It’s a way to thank people for taking the time to stop scrolling and engage with your posts.

When people comment, reply! Thank them for saying what you’ve posted is great. Respond to their question about your company, service, products, or simply a topic you’ve posted about. Bring the social part of social media to the forefront and converse.

Don’t forget to respond to negative comments tactfully and respectfully. Use this as an opportunity to show people that you’re listening and you care. Apologize and offer genuine help if the situation calls for it.

If a troll is on the loose within your Facebook comments, it’s best to not stoop to their level. Instead, defuse the situation by replying with solid facts that contradict their attempt to put your business down. In some situations defusing the situation with humor is great, but it has to be done in a tactful, non-aggressive manner.

Treasured Effectively Responding to Comments - Facebook Business Page

Treasured Motorcars responds to comments and uses replies as opportunities to promote an upcoming event.


Keep in mind that Facebook is an online representation of your brand and should be treated as such. Take the time to really narrow down a social media strategy and avoid common mistakes. Developing a Facebook strategy can be overwhelming. So long as your strategy incorporates storytelling (with brevity), photo sharing, social listening, and an identifiable voice, your brand will stand out.

If you can avoid mistakes like these and learn from them, your Facebook presence will reach far more of your audience and enhance your brand image. Happy Facebooking!

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