5 Reasons to Take More Photos of Your Finished Work

As an auto body shop or collision center, you need to take more photos. We’re not just talking photos of your office dog, which are great, we’re talking photos of your finished work. In this article, we’ll explain 5 reasons why you need to take more photos of your finished work.

1. To Build a Social Media Audience

Building an audience on social media is no easy task. It requires showing personality as well as delivering quality content your target audience enjoys. For auto body shops, this in part means showing photos of your finished work. Take before and after photos or record videos of the process and share the content on your social media accounts. It will help to grow your following and earn you more business.

2. To Establish Yourself as an Expert

Sharing photos of before and after work will help to establish you as the expert in your industry. You’ll be able to not only quickly build trust with your customers, but also be able to help push the industry forward. Sharing photos explaining processes used through a blog post for example will show you know your craft and cause more people to come to you for complex or delicate work.

3. To Build a Portfolio of Work

When it comes to selling your services, nothing does a better job than photos of past work. Photos which can show a potential client the types of work and the quality of work you produce. Placing these photos on your website or Facebook page passively sells people on the quality of your work.

4. To Document Your Work for Claims Purposes

Every now and then, there are instances of customer complaints or insurance claims. When it comes to dealing with either issue, it’s best to have your own photographic evidence to work from. The ability to see exactly how a vehicle looked entering and leaving your shop is beneficial to everyone involved.

5. Images Help You Get Found Online

Search engines like Google and Bing use photos in their search results. The only way to appear in those results is to have and pictures up on your website. By taking more photos, and naming them correctly, you are positioning yourself to appear better in online searches.

If you’re currently not taking enough photos of your finished work, get started today. Simple cell phones cameras are powerful enough in today’s world to do the trick, so don’t let that stop you.

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