When is the Best Time to Post on Facebook for an Auto Body Shop?

There is a good time for everything. If you’re trying to put your best foot forward with your shop’s Facebook page, figuring out the best time to post is a good first start. That said, the answer you’re about to receive may not be the one you were looking for. Here’s more on the best time to post on Facebook for an auto body shop.

When is the Best Time to Post on Facebook?

We analyzed historical data across many different accounts and found the answer. Below are our results on the best practices for posting to Facebook regarding timing:

Best Day of the Week

There is no “best day” to post to Facebook. When looking at the math, it appears Saturdays are the best day—but Saturday is only 0.15% better than the worst day being Tuesday. What does this mean? There is no “best day”, the best day to post is when the thing is happening you want to talk about.

Best Time of Day

Across all accounts we analyzed the best time of day to post from 7pm – 9pm. What’s important to note about this statistic is everyone knows this is the best time to post on Facebook. If everyone posts at 9pm because it’s the “best time” there will be tons more content to filter through. Don’t get too wrapped up in posting exactly between 7pm-9pm, post at different times throughout the day but do keep in mind you should also post after business hours for increased opportunity for engagement.

Why There is No “Best Day” to Post

Focusing on what days are best to post is the wrong way to look at social media. The focus should be on what post types get more engagement. Boring posts perform poorly, and engaging posts perform great—this is true no matter when you post. So, don’t spend time trying to figure your best post time. Instead, rededicate this time into creating content your audience cares about.

What Posts Earn more Engagement?

Now that we’ve restructured the focus on better posts, here are some suggestions to creating more engaging content. Here at the types of posts which audiences are more likely to engage with.

  • Videos – Videos are the most engaging content. One reason video marketing is so successful is because it appeals to some many senses at once. Whether it’s a 30 second tip or a 4-minute-long production-quality video, give video a try.
  • Tips and Tricks – The content you share itself is also important, not just the format. Tips and tricks which relate to your product or the product category you are in will go far. For example, tell folks why blotting spilled soda in the car is better than rubbing to prevent stains.
  • Case Studies – Have you worked with any big clients? Ask their permission to share their story and then write up information on the work you completed. Case studies are a great way to build credibility with potential clients.
  • Contests – Re-ignite your relationship with your Facebook following through a contest. Offer up a product or service which complements your main services, for free. For example, tell followers to comment on which upgrade they’d like between a new truck bedliner, a lighting kit upgrade, or a remote starter—one lucky winner gets the prize.
  • Questions – Drum up engagement by asking real questions. This doesn’t mean asking, “which of our services do you think is best?”, because that’s boring. Make it about what your audience is truly interested in. If you’re a detailing shop, your audience is probably into cars so ask car trivia questions or ask people to vote between two cars asking which looks better.

In conclusion, focus on good content. While seeking out the best times to post is certainly not a horrible thing, there just isn’t enough hard evidence to say it will change the game for anyone’s Facebook page. The evidence leans more towards an effort or push towards good content. So, focus your efforts there.

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