First Impressions are Important

Having a good first impression is important for your business’s success. Whether it’s a good first impression at your shop, first impressions your salespeople have with potential clients, or your website. First impressions can make or break business deals. Here, we’ll be talking about first impressions as they relate to your website. Here’s what can influence a visitor’s first impression of your website.

Engaging Copy

Writing is an art. Yes, as the person writing this post, I may be a tad biased—but hear me out. Good writing hooks the reader. It’s concise, informative, and at times even fun. For a website to have a good first impression, the first few chosen words on the page are important. They should tell a reader where they are and why they should stay on the website for longer than a few seconds.

The Right Visuals

Images are the most important aspect to improving first impressions. As the saying goes, pictures say a thousand words. With good visuals, you can quickly showcase the values of your company and tell a story which the customer wants to be a part of. So be sure to hire a good photographer or videographer (or both) and get some good visuals for your website.

Outdated and Out of Touch

Old websites with tired designs give the feeling of being out of touch. This is not a good first look. It is crucial that websites are continually updated, managed, and maintained in order to stay in front of constantly changing and updating technology. If your sales staff is embarrassed to give out your website address, it’s probably time to consider contracting with a web design firm for an updated look.

The Technology Path to Success

Technology can be a blessing or a curse. For your website, things like forms, chat features, and pop-up windows can add a layer of complexity which—when done correctly—can improve your user’s impression of your site. Similarly, back-end technology like switching your website to HTTPS can be a deal breaker in terms of security and search engine ranking.

Your website is often the first interaction a potential customer has with your business. Whether or not those potential customers end up purchasing what you sell can be dependent on the first impression they get from your site. By following the above advice, you can ensure your website puts its best foot forward.

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