How Can I Get More Reviews for my Auto Body Shop?

Reviews are a huge part of a business’s online success. Reviews build trust with clients who have never done business with you. And for those industries where consumer knowledge of the process is lacking, such as automotive repair, trust is important. So how can you get more reviews for your auto body shop? Here are a few of the best industry practices.

Do Review-Worthy Work

Before you even consider asking for reviews, you need to be sure you’re doing good work. It seems like a no-brainer, but there are plenty of companies out there who have a long list of bad reviews who want help having them removed. And that’s just not how reviews work. So, before you venture down the path of getting more reviews, take a good hard look internally and be sure you are doing 5-star-worthy work.

Put up a Sticker to Remind People

The next step to getting more reviews for your auto body shop is to place gentle reminders in your shop. These come in the form of a sticker on your door or a small sign at the reception desk. Wording on the signage can be as simple as saying “if you enjoyed our service, please let others know with a review on Google”. Reminders like these are a great passive way to ask for reviews without being over the top.

Ask Happy Customers to Review you Online

Now, if you have a happy customer—someone praising your service in person—ask them if they’d be willing to do the same online. Nine times out of ten, this person will be happy to help. People who are happy with your service and feel they were treated with care and respect are usually willing to return the kindness.

Send Out Emails with a Link to Review

Like asking customers to review you in person, you can also send out an email with a link to review. This method of asking takes advantage of the data you collect from customers coupled with automation rules. In short you can send out review requests emails only to very happy customers. The email can be scheduled to arrive a couple days after your service is completed. People who want to review just click a link and are sent off to the appropriate review website.

Just be careful with how you format the email, as it could get you in hot water with Google…

Can Asking for Reviews Get me in Trouble with Google?

This is a common question we get asked, and the answer is maybe. Long story short, if you are asking customers to review your business, and sending them—good or bad—directly to your Google reviews page you should be in the clear. So, the above methods will be fine for the most part.

You can get into trouble with Google if you send emails which direct people to two different locations. These are the types of emails which direct people who say they didn’t have a good experience to contact you directly and NOT leave an online review. For those customers who had a good experience, they will be directed to leave a review. This is an attempt at influencing your reviews and Google frowns upon this activity.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get more online reviews, you need to tread lightly. More importantly, you should consider working with a digital marketing agency specializing in effective reviews management practices. Definitely avoid any company who makes promises to get you reviews for your business.