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SEO Tips from the Experts at AP Digital

SEO Tips from the Experts at AP Digital

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Are you searching for SEO tips for your Maryland, DC, or Virginia-based business? AP Digital is here to help. With expertise in optimization of websites, social media networks, PPC campaigns and more, AP Digital has seen significant results with previous and current clients.

Each company is different and, therefore, may require a unique online marketing strategy. We’ve laid out a few SEO tips that will allow you to kick start your web presence. Check out some of our SEO Tips below on blogging, Social Media Networking, and targeting the right audience.

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How Blogging Is Good for Site Views

Have you seen the impact of Internet trends? If something is trending, people are going to be searching for it. Make sure your website is the one to go to for the latest info on what’s hot within your industry. How do you do that? It’s actually quite simple. Here’s a quick step by step…

  • Look up “Google Trends” and you should see something like this… my favorite tab is “Hot Searches”
  • Google Trends

  • If you click on “Hot Searches,” you can browse what topics were getting the most searches each day. It’ll look like this… If you find something that relates to your industry, write a compelling blog targeting that search query!
  • Hot Search Trends

  • If you want to get more specific, you can click on “Explore” and type in a search query such as “Miley Cyrus” and it’ll look something like this…
  • Google trends explore
    I chose Miley Cyrus because you can obviously see the change in searches due to the infamous 2013 VMA performance… Hardly industry related, but an effective example.

  • Once you’ve found a method of searching for trends you like, keep an eye on them, you might be surprised what kind of industry-related trends are going on around you. Write a compelling and unique blog about that topic, post it to your website, and share it on social media!

With help from a trendy blog, site visits can skyrocket. One thing you want to keep in mind is that relevance is extremely important. You want site traffic, but you want the right kind. Get your website in front of your target market and not only will site views increase, but so will the number of relevant inbound leads. Check out our latest blog on content creation!

Increase Brand Awareness with Social Media Networking

With over a billion Facebook users and more than 500 million Twitter users, Social Media has become a vital source of Online Marketing. Link to your website and share corporate videos, business updates & special promotions, and spend some time assuring your clients know how much you appreciate their business. To all our current and future customers reading this – thank you!

When sharing through social media, it’s important to keep your brand image consistent and true to your company’s goals & values. The objective is for your potential customers to view your companies the way you want to be perceived as well as maintaining a consistent image with current customers further creating brand recognition and appreciation.

Targeting the Right Audience with Your Website

Getting a lot of site views is good, but getting site views from your targeted audience is even better. What’s a page view without generating a lead? Target your desired clientele base by focusing on a specific set of geographic locations, demographics, and psycho-graphics. Having an idea of who your current clients are will help you target the right future clients.

Make your online marketing efforts easier and more efficient by targeting the right audience. Old SEO techniques are manipulative and will likely hurt the search rankings of your site. Don’t fall victim to a dramatic drop in site traffic – or as we call it in the industry, a Google Slap. Big or small, there’s an approach for it all. Find the strategy that works for your company.

One Last SEO Tip: Let Us Help

Online Marketing can be a bit intimidating when you’re all alone. Am I doing is right? How do I know? Don’t make it complicated. With our expertise in Search Engine Optimization, getting the results you want can be just one phone call away.

Still have questions about how SEO works? Give us a call at (800) 968-7981 or click here to contact us online. Let’s see what we can do for you.

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